And the 2015 Cannes Film Festival Winners are…

Waiting for the winners and I feel as nervous as they must be…   Palme d’Or: “Dheepan,” – directed by Jacques Audiard Grand Prix (which is like the runner up): “Son of Saul,” Directed by Laszlo Nemes Best Director: “The Assassin,” Directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien for Best Screenplay: “Chronic,” Written by Michel Franco Camera d’Or […]

The Little Prince Fails to Fly

The Little Prince was sadly just a little too little. It had moments that were spectacular, and the animation is truly awesome…but perhaps my expectations were just too much. For me, Mark Osborne’s vision just didn’t quite deliver. I wanted to LOVE it. I walked in and sat down waiting to be mesmerised and transported to my […]

Chronic is Chronic! Tim Roth Nurses His Role Brilliantly

Eish! Chronic is chronic! Like the heading here. There’s no other word to describe it. Of course it’s meant in two ways. Chronic illnesses. And chronic, the concept. The film is by Michel Franco and stars Tim Roth who is brilliant. Roth – who stars in TV series Lie To Me – and who I’ve […]

Goosebumps from Zambian Documentary Chronicling Team’s Comeback

Goosebumps. This film – The e18hteam – will have you in tears. Particularly if you are from Africa. But even from France. The film is a compilation of cuts from several documentaries and news items on world media. It’s a true story. The tragedy of the Zambian National Football team – Chiplopolo  – who lost their […]

Sjoe – Son of Saul Tugs at Everything

The Son of Saul (Saul Fia) by first time director László Nemes is hard. Very hard. It’s a deep topic. A holocaust drama. A difficult topic. A challenging and well filmed film. But it’s also predictable. And very, very slow. And sometimes not quite clear. Guaranteed to do well because it tackles a difficult subjects rather […]

Love is a Blind Lobster

Wow, The Lobster, clutches you with its claws…takes you in…but um, then lets you go and disappoints. Such a pity. I absolutely loved almost 90 percent of this movie…but the final 10 percent negated all that had come before. It’s a perverse tale where loveless people are punished and turned into dogs and lobsters and […]

Irrationally Crazy about Woody Allen’s Irrational Man

I’ve always loved Woody Allen. His take on life. His frenetic-ness to churn out movies so that he doesn’t have to face the fact that he – like everyone – will die one day. And in his latest film Woody Allen does not disappoint. Irrational Man poses the question that so many of us trip up […]

Mad about Mad Max Fury Road

The queue for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (MAD MAX FURY ROAD)’s press conference this afternoon is LOOOONG and very very busy with conversation. Some people HATE the movie. But most are blown away. As blown away as the sand in the desert storms depicted in the film. I was most blown away by George Miller’s wife. […]

Welcome to the Coen Brothers’ Jury of the 68th Festival de Cannes

Day One and we’re straight into it. The brilliant, formidable, dazzling Cannes Film Festival 2016! And, as is usual on Day One – we get to meet the Jury – the men and women who will decide which films and actors are the best from this year’s offerings…and the selection is varied and wonderful and […]

And the 2014 Winners are…

This year the Cannes Film Festival winners were announced tonight, Saturday…making it easier for everyone to travel back to their home countries for an early start on Monday! In the past the winners were always announced on Sunday night…meaning some had already left the Festival, or that they had to lounge next to the beautiful […]