Cannes Film Festival 2012 Winners

Yay – Prix du Jury has gone to Ken Loach’s funny, heartwarming ANGEL’S SHARE! Will update as they’re announced! Just refresh the page. Beyond the Hill…the writer-director has just won an award, but I’m not sure what for…it’s all in French! Carlos Reygadas…hmmm, again not sure what for…even when people are speaking in English the […]

Day 12 – The Final Countdown…

The atmosphere at the Palais right now is insane! It’s pouring with rain, but out on the red carpet, you’d think it was raining movie stars. Such an influx. Crowds are going crazy right now for France’s own Oscar-winner Jean du Jardin. They’re all gathering to watch the closing film…and then discover who has won […]

Day 11 – Come to Cannes!

You have to come to Cannes to truly appreciate it. Just returned from sipping cocktails on the Carlton Terrace where celebrities float in and out of the grandest hotel on the Croisette…whilst the music’s thumping at the beach parties on the other side of the road, the night lit up by purple fluorescent lights and […]

Day 10 – Robert Pattinson, Kanye, Kylie and du Cap

I’m exhausted. Had  COSMOPOLIS for breakfast, Kanye West’s CRUEL SUMMER for lunch…and RENOIR for dinner. And in between all of that managed to have a couple of Kir Royals on the Eden Roc terrace, with a dressed-down (but still gorgeous) Kylie Minogue sitting at the next table. (She’s here for “Holy Motors”.) Eden Roc is […]

Day 9 – Twilight Scene, Murky Paperboy and Zac’s Rack

We were sitting poolside at The Majestic hotel yesterday evening, around twilight…watching a rather hefty  Bob Weinstein ordering drinks, when we heard SCREAMS! The kind of screams usually reserved for Johnny Depp (Cannes’ favourite Hollywood star). So we wandered across the Croisette to find out who was walking the red carpet. And there he was. […]

Day 8 – On The Road with Kristen Stewart

Oh my, you never know which film at the Cannes Film Festival is going to get the most journalists to crawl out of their beds early in the morning to queue up for the 8.30 am screening…until it happens. And then you wish you’d crawled out of your’s an hour earlier. This morning’s ON THE […]

No Wedding Date set for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Yup. You heard it here first. Brad Pitt announced this morning (well he didn’t announce, he answered a journalist’s nosey question) that he and Angelina will not be getting married in August, as claimed by rumours. “We have no date, well and truly,” he said, during the ‘Killing Them Softly’ press conference. “We’ll find something […]

Day 7 – Brad Pitt’s Killing Them Softly

I’ve just made it into the Killing Them Softly press conference. Hottest ticket at the Cannes Film Festival today. Long queues outside. Huge crowds. All waiting for Brad (Pitt) – just seen him outside…glossy long blond locks today. He’s playing the movie star really well…smiling with that twinkle, stopping to chat to everyone…as he makes […]

Day 6 – Getting Trashed with Jeremy Irons

This is what I love about the Cannes Film Festival (well, one of the many things). You watch a thought-provoking documentary…and then the director and star of the doc wander into the cinema afterwards for an intimate chat about what you’ve just seen. In this case it was ‘Trashed’, directed by Candida Brady and featuring […]

Day 5 – Windswept, Confessions and Kate’s Ex

Argh! I get sooooo annoyed when this happens – I’ve just missed what looks like the funnest movie in windswept, rainy Cannes – ‘The Sapphires’. It’s was a special out-of-competition screening and looks like one of those fab musical movies – like “Muriel’s Wedding” – that the Australians do so well. This one’s about three […]