Xavier Dolan writes and directs Mommy this foreign film with sub titles. At 25 years old, writer/director Xavier Dolan has already made his 5th feature film with his newest movie Mommy, a story about a working class mother struggling to raise her violent, ADHD son. Starring Anne Dorval, Antoine Olivier Pilon and Suzanne Clement, the […]

The Search

The Search is directed by Michael Hazanavicius and depicts the horror and inhuman violence in the second Chechen War in 1999. This is a remake of Fred Zinnemann’s 1948 wartime melodrama. The movie takes us through the story of four lives that are somehow connected and brought together by a twist of fate. It’s strangely […]


I went to see this movie because it was in competition but I had no idea what this movie was about – no idea of the story, where it came from what it was about until now that I’ve seen it. And I still don’t really have a clear idea exactly what I saw. There […]

Saint Laurent

This is a YSL bio pic and Pierre Niney starres as the legendary fashion designer who goes from a teenager designing dresses in his house in Algeria to becoming the creative director of Dior and branching out to starting his own multi million dollar label. Along the way he falls in love with his business […]

Captives – Ryan Reynolds

The Captives is a kidnapping thriller starring Ryan Reynolds – I was a little hesitant taking into consideration the last few movies Reynolds starred in but I should have had a bit more faith especially with Adam Egoyan as the director – he paints an intriguing and beautiful spectacle up on the screen. The Captives […]

Mr Turner

Director Mike Leigh shows the last 25yers of J.M.W Turners life. He was a famous painter of Maritime and landscapes scenes and was one of the early practitioners of what would later be called impressionism – at the time nobody really new what it was. The movie doesn’t really cover this well at all even […]

Interview with SA movie producer Jeremy Nathan

We caught up with South African movie producer, Jeremy Nathan, in Cannes for a quick 10 Questions: Q. How long you been coming to Cannes? A. This is my 20th year. Q. What are you promoting in Cannes this year? A. This year we are promoting three films: ‘Pinky Pinky’ which is a genre horror […]

Film anniversary : A Special Day, directed by Gilles Jacob

In 2007, 34 internationally renowned film makers were invited to present their collective body of work – To Each His Own Cinema – at the 60th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival. Festival President Gilles Jacob followed these film makers around during this period in Cannes creating A Special Day. On the day their film was to […]

A couple of days late catching The Sapphires…

Missed ‘The Sapphires’ when it first screened but that’s what’s great about The Cannes Film Festival – they let you catch up later with re-screenings. So, at 2 pm today we got to see Wayne Blair’s ‘The Sapphires’, another great Australian musical. The Aussies really are just so good at these and seem to be […]

Irish/SA Treaty Signed at SA Pavilion in Cannes

Just got back from witnessing the historic treaty signed between our South African Minister of Arts and Culture, Paul Mashatile, and Ireland’s Minister of Arts and Heritage, Jimmy Deenihan. This Treaty, which will facilitate fund-raising for film projects in the two countries, has been in the pipeline for over nine years but due to the Arts Minister […]