Day 7 – Brad Pitt’s Killing Them Softly


I’ve just made it into the Killing Them Softly press conference. Hottest ticket at the Cannes Film Festival today. Long queues outside. Huge crowds. All waiting for Brad (Pitt) – just seen him outside…glossy long blond locks today. He’s playing the movie star really well…smiling with that twinkle, stopping to chat to everyone…as he makes his way here…

The movie’s fantastic…with a pretty powerful line delivered by Brad’s character:

America isn’t a country…it’s just a business.

Brad plays his role brilliantly…the affable and semi-caring, semi-cold, slick good-looking hitman. And he’s supported by a fantastic cast, including Ray Liotta.

Normally I don’t like “boys’ movies” but this script is brilliant – a screwball comedy come gangster movie that’s really about the financial crisis, played against the backdrop of speeches by Barack Obana, George McCain and George Bush.

A couple of scenes with graphic violence…albeit stylised and in slow-motion. Still had to turn away.

Okay, more later…plus pics…Brad’s about to walk in…