Day 12 – The Final Countdown…

The atmosphere at the Palais right now is insane! It’s pouring with rain, but out on the red carpet, you’d think it was raining movie stars. Such an influx. Crowds are going crazy right now for France’s own Oscar-winner Jean du Jardin. They’re all gathering to watch the closing film…and then discover who has won the coveted Palme d’Or prizes.

I’ve just seen the movie which I’d love to win – THE HUNT- about a kindergarten teacher who is wrongly accused of sexually abusing some of the children. It’s smart and warm, gripping and heartbreaking from start to finish.

Also saw BEYOND THE HILL and AMOUR today…but they failed to blow me away..perhaps because I’d already heard too much…expected too much. Both have been tipped as possible winners tonight. The elderly actors in ‘Amour’ are fantastic in their roles of a husband taking care of his wife as her body and mind slowly shut down.

OK, there’s nothing shut down about Cannes right now…I must go glug down some champagne and watch the stars shine on this special night that will change some people’s lives forever…

Sipping champagne at Eden Roc

Best spot for sipping champagne - Eden Roc...on the terrace overlooking the stars' yachts