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Love is a Blind Lobster


Wow, The Lobster, clutches you with its claws…takes you in…but um, then lets you go and disappoints.

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Such a pity. I absolutely loved almost 90 percent of this movie…but the final 10 percent negated all that had come before.

It’s a perverse tale where loveless people are punished and turned into dogs and lobsters and horses. Animals other than humans. Kind of funny. Like being the perennial unwanted third party when your partner dumps you and nobody else wants you around anymore.

But you get a chance. A chance to find a partner. Everyone – who’s single – gets to stay in a luxury hotel and try to find another mate who is also single. But your time is short. And there are those who have escaped and hide in a nearby forest. Because if you don’t marry, or escape, you will become an animal.

And if you do marry – you may just want to murder your partner!

In The Lobster, our main protagonist does ultimately escape…but does he? He falls in love. Deeply in love…and suddenly we discover that the film’s motive seems to be to prove that love is blind.

Unfortunately it felt like director  Yorgos Lanthimos was blind himself to what could have been a more mature and subtle ending to the story…

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