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Mad Max Fury Road Review


mad max fury road

This was so well done by George Miller. Interesting to hear Tom Hardy talk about George Miller’s style – no script just sketches – he felt completely lost at first but in the end found this style of filming quite inspiring.

This is one high octane movie from start to finish with a lot of human to the characters. I felt quite invested in their survival almost cheering them on when they came into contact with the Warlords marshals and his all his gangs who have been enlisted to track them down and kill them.

The war rig is driven by no other than Charlize Theron who plays Imperator Furiosa who is unwillingly joined by Max Rockatansky played by Tom hardy who believes the best way to survive is to go it alone. As much as he tries to go it alone events force him into the war rig where his skills come to great use.

Mad Max had me gripped from beginning to end and highly recommend you go see this epic picture by George Miller.