Mad about Mad Max Fury Road

The queue for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (MAD MAX FURY ROAD)’s press conference this afternoon is LOOOONG and very very busy with conversation. Some people HATE the movie. But most are blown away. As blown away as the sand in the desert storms depicted in the film. I was most blown away by George Miller’s wife. […]

Mad Max Fury Road Review

This was so well done by George Miller. Interesting to hear Tom Hardy talk about George Miller’s style – no script just sketches – he felt completely lost at first but in the end found this style of filming quite inspiring. This is one high octane movie from start to finish with a lot of […]

Welcome to the Coen Brothers’ Jury of the 68th Festival de Cannes

Day One and we’re straight into it. The brilliant, formidable, dazzling Cannes Film Festival 2016! And, as is usual on Day One – we get to meet the Jury – the men and women who will decide which films and actors are the best from this year’s offerings…and the selection is varied and wonderful and […]

And the 2014 Winners are…

This year the Cannes Film Festival winners were announced tonight, Saturday…making it easier for everyone to travel back to their home countries for an early start on Monday! In the past the winners were always announced on Sunday night…meaning some had already left the Festival, or that they had to lounge next to the beautiful […]

Jimmy’s Hall Not Quite a Dance and a Thrill

Just two years ago Ken Loach was in Cannes (as he so often, thankfully, is) with a wonderful gift of a film called “The Angel’s Share”. So it was with great anticipation that I walked into the theatre to watch “Jimmy’s Hall”. But it’s just not the same. And nor, I suppose, should it be. Loach […]


Xavier Dolan writes and directs Mommy this foreign film with sub titles. At 25 years old, writer/director Xavier Dolan has already made his 5th feature film with his newest movie Mommy, a story about a working class mother struggling to raise her violent, ADHD son. Starring Anne Dorval, Antoine Olivier Pilon and Suzanne Clement, the […]

Lost River Gets a Little Lost

I so wanted to love Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut ‘Lost River’…but it gets a little lost along the way. The cinematography is incredible, soaked in colours that are so Ryan Gosling you can almost sense his presence in every frame. But, almost disappointingly, he never appears. The film is definitely watchable. But somehow disappointing, and […]

The Search

The Search is directed by Michael Hazanavicius and depicts the horror and inhuman violence in the second Chechen War in 1999. This is a remake of Fred Zinnemann’s 1948 wartime melodrama. The movie takes us through the story of four lives that are somehow connected and brought together by a twist of fate. It’s strangely […]

Maps to the Stars…and to Fame, Family and a Powerful Film

Fans of movie stars can become dangerously obsessed. But when those fans are family…the obsession can become even more lethal. ‘Maps to the Stars’ is brilliantly and savagely executed. It’s raw and sophisticated. At times almost pornographic. Julianne Moore is insanely awesome in the role of an actress who is past her prime and desperate to cling […]


I went to see this movie because it was in competition but I had no idea what this movie was about – no idea of the story, where it came from what it was about until now that I’ve seen it. And I still don’t really have a clear idea exactly what I saw. There […]