South African Films at Cannes 2012

Naomi Mokhele and Carla de Gavino Dias from the NFVF, South Africa
NFVF's Naomi and Carla showcasing South Africa at the Cannes Film Festival

South Africa is proudly showcasing 12 Feature Films and eight documentaries at this year’s Cannes Film Festival!

At least a hundred South African film-makers have gathered in Cannes this weekend to promote their projects, and seek funding, co-production or distribution deals, which is what the Cannes market is all about.

South African’s Minister of Arts and Culture will also be here in Cannes to sign a co-production treaty with Ireland (we’ll be there to report on it tomorrow).

So the flag is flying high – and it makes you proud to be South African, especially when you don’t live there anymore…and you see the quality of what’s coming out of the country. It’s fantastic.

Each year, one of the highlights of the Cannes Film Festival for me is visiting the SA Pavilion where the South African National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) are set up to promote SA projects.

It’s just divine to see that flag, hear the accents, see the same friendly faces – particularly Naomi Mokhele (Communications & Public Affairs Manager) and Carla de Gavino Dias (Marketing Coordinator) – and find out what’s going on in the South African movie world.

Below is a list of South Africa’s line-up for Cannes 2012…and over the next couple of days I’ll add more info about each film.

South African flag outside the SA Pavillion in Cannes 2012
South African flag flying the entrance to the SA Pavillion in Cannes 2012

Cannes 2012 – South African Line-Up


The South African Pavillion, Cannes
The South African Pavillion, Cannes

31 Million Reasons
Cops, Robbers and Bunny Chow…a homegrown heist movie set in the Indian community of Durban

The Adventure of Supermama
She’s a heavyweight Superhero!

My Zulu Promise
She dreamed of meeting The One.Then she met The Two.

Blitz Patrollie
It just hit the fan

One Last Look
Dare to take…one last look.

Tok Tokkie
Tonight, Louis will find out that Cape Town is haunted by more than just ghosts.

The Umbrella Man
Sometimes losing is in fact winning

Otelo Burning
Freedom is a revolution

Storytelling is a weapon of mass destruction.

Five Fingers for Marseilles
There are no good men

A musical for the whole family

Semi Soet
Half a truth, half a lie, a whole shenanigan


Asihambi – We Will Not Move
An honest war about the fight for belonging, national identity and proud heritage of a poverty stricken indigenous community in post apartheid South Africa

Captor and Captive
The story of two soldiers caught up in the disorganised machine of war

The Dream Of Shahrazad
Even revolutions start with a story

I am Craig
“Should She…or Shouldn’t he?”

Norman Catherine – Curriculum Vitae
Norman Catherine’s curriculum vita portrays his early youthful experience, using his vivid imagination and strange macabre comedic animation.

Beyond the game

Sobukwe – A Great Soul
“There is only one race, the human race.”

Wandering Fever
The core of man’s spirit comes from new experience