Rust and Bone – De Rouille et d’Os – Press Conference

Here are the highlights from today’s Press Conference at the Cannes Film Festival for De Rouille et d’Os (Rust and Bone), the French Jacques Audiard-directed picture, attended by Marion Cotillard (Stephanie), Matthias Schoenearts (Ali) and Director Audiard: Q to Matthias: Was wondering what your prospects are looking like for Hollywood? Hollywood is always looking for […]

Day 2: Rust and Bone

Another brilliantly blue day in Cannes. Just been ensconced in the divine red velvety Grand Theatre Lumiere. That’s where all the BIG movies are shown. When you see the movie stars in Cannes walking up the red carpet…that’s where they’re going – the Grand Theatre Lumiere, the heart of the Cannes Film Festival. Every morning […]