Afrikaans film ‘Skoonheid’ Wins The Queer Palm 2011

OK, so ‘Skoonheid‘ didn’t win in its official category at the Cannes Film Festival  (Un Certain Regard), BUT it has won the Queer Palm 2011! The award was presented to director Oliver Hermanus last night at a ceremony on Cherie Cheri Beach in Cannes. “Thank you to the organizers and to the jury of this […]

Day 7 – First Afrikaans Movie in Cannes

Saw a great South African movie this morning – ‘Skoonheid’, directed by Oliver Hermanus. Fantastic production. Absolutely international quality. Brave and brilliant acting. I don’t think it’ll be a huge commercial success – the subject matter (a married man dealing with misplaced lust) is a little sensitive, and there are some sex scenes that could […]