The Search

The Search is directed by Michael Hazanavicius and depicts the horror and inhuman violence in the second Chechen War in 1999. This is a remake of Fred Zinnemann’s 1948 wartime melodrama.
sapeople - cannes film festival - the search
The movie takes us through the story of four lives that are somehow connected and brought together by a twist of fate. It’s strangely put together, edited, major characters dropping off in big chunks of the film spoiling the flow and emotions Hazanavicius was hoping for.
sapeople - cannes film festival - the search
The film opens with Russian troops brutally executing a Muslim couple leaving behind 3 children. The 9 year old boy Hadji is afraid of the soldiers so takes his baby brother and flees, separated from his sister Raissa  – he doesn’t think he can look after his brother and leaves him on the door step of a local family and he ends up in a refugee camp.
He is found by Red Cross worker Helen played by Annette Bening but soon runs away at the sight of a soldier ending up in the reluctant care of Carole (Berenice Bejo), an EU worker compiling a human rights report in the hope of inspiring a European intervention in the region.
sapeople - cannes film festival - the search
Hazanavicius falls short in creating any tension and real emotion ultimately adding up to a movie that doesn’t have much to say that hasn’t be done better in other movies portraying similar war stories.