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The South Africa House Party


sa house party

This is South Africa House Party hosted by the NFVF Foundation is quickly becoming the events to not miss during the film festival. Lots of great South African delicacies with an abundance of wine and champagne and the amazing chocolate fountain for your ice cream desert at the end.

The music is always amazing making it such a fun night – dance floor is always full and when you need a breather just step outside onto the beach for some of that South of France sea air.

Great venue to network as all the South African movie elite always attend and you are sure to catch up to someone you may have missed during the hectic movie festival.

A great job by Carla and her team for all their hard work at SA House and the huge effort they put in every year to host this party. It can’t be easy and I have already requested my ticket for 2016.

Look forward to seeing all the NFVF staff there again next year.

carla from nfvf