I went to see this movie because it was in competition but I had no idea what this movie was about – no idea of the story, where it came from what it was about until now that I’ve seen it. And I still don’t really have a clear idea exactly what I saw. There are a lot intereststing stories that happen in this film but there is one main plot which doesn’t really surface until halfway through – there are many sub plots as we get to know the inhabitants of this community somewhere in the country. This community is thriving but they are being controlled by the fundamentalists in their Muslim community.
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We get to know the people who are breaking the rules by listening to outside music, not covering their faces or their hands especially the women.
The main plot revolves around this cow herder who one day one of his cows gets murdered – killed by a fisherman. He decides to take revenge so there’s this eye for an eye plot that leads to something really tragic in his families life.
There are many interesting and insightful ideas throughout the entire film – it makes one aware of this world that a lot of us are not aware of in a whole new light. The movie lets us understand it, sympathise with it at the same time be shocked and saddened by it but also relieved that it’s not part of my personal life.
It is a great film which needs time to grow on you, a film that is not for everyone even though it is PG13, might bore some people but it’s a movie that needs to be discussed afterwards to truly understand it all.
I think it’s worth watching if you have a spare 90 minutes.